Forward Medical: Moving Innovative Products Forward
Forward Medical is the most recent member of the Kadima Partners LLC family of businesses.

Forward Medical is committed to becoming the leading developer and provider of innovative first response, emergency medical and trauma care devices for such critical areas as: airway/breathing management; diagnostics & monitoring; hemorrhage control & vascular access; patient immobilization & extrication; and resuscitation.

Forward Medical identifies, develops and commercializes promising products that answer unmet critical needs by partnering with leading medical and research institutions, individual inventors, companies, and military and paramedical organizations throughout the United States and abroad.

Forward Medical leverages its proven premier capabilities and partnerships in product design, materials science, engineering and marketing, and distribution to bring novel products to the following markets:

Pre-Hospital – Emergency medical services

Hospital – Emergency room and trauma center care

Military – Combat casuaas

Government – Homeland security and disaster medicine

Occupational Health – Treatment of industrial accidents

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