Since 1986, Scott Zeilinger, President of Kadima Partners LLC has owned and operated six highly successful entities specializing in the development, manufacturing and distribution of branded products.
Checkpoint Surgical
Checkpoint Surgical, has developed a single use nerve location and protection device for intraoperative use by surgeons. The product is useful in over 2 million orthopedic, ENT, neurological and plastic surgeries. Checkpoint is designed ... more>
Scott Zeilinger Productions
Scott Zeilinger Productions invests in a myriad of theatrical projects. We do not confine ourselves to one particular type of production, such as drama or musicals. ... more>
M Tech Company
M Tech Company fulfills the need in the marketplace for creative tools and required safety procedures in the confined space industry... more>
Spring Valley Ventures
Spring Valley Ventures invests primarily in two classes of real estate... more>
Forward Medical
Forward Medical is committed to becoming the leading developer and provider of innovative first response, emergency medical and trauma care devices for such critical... more>
Magic American Corporation
Magic American was the leading distributor of homecare and home-repair products in the paint sundry, cleaning and plumbing categories. From 1992-2002, Magic's earnings... more>
Myro manufactured and distributed caulk replacement and application tools, including such products as Caulkstrip, Putty Buddy and Better Bead. When purchased... more>
Enablers was a start-up company that manufactured, marketed and distributed unique products specifically designed to make daily tasks easier for people with... more>
EarthRite was a start-up company manufacturing, marketing and distributing environmentally safe home care products. Within its first six months of operation, EarthRite... more>

Super Glue
Reorganized the manufacturing and sourcing operation for the entire “Super Glue” line which included a myriad of epoxies, glues, filler putty and touch-up paint.... more>