Kadima Partners LLC is a private equity group with a unique philosophy that guides everything we do:

Owner Legacy: Kadima builds businesses on the solid foundation provided by the prior owners – our goal is to expand companies, not to break them apart

Entrepreneurial Culture: Kadima values the entrepreneurial culture of those companies which fostered the development of unique products and services

Long-term Growth: Kadima invests in companies for long-term growth, developing them into market leaders through methodical application of our best practices – thus creating significant value.


Kadima Partners LLC is interested in acquiring companies or business lines:

• With up to $20 million in sales

• In such industries as branded consumer products, business to business consumables, product-based light manufacturing, and proprietary health care products and/or health care services and commercial realestate communications software.

• With strong and predictable cash flow based on stable demand for products/services

• With opportunities for complementary acquisitions

• That compete in fragmented industries with the potential for consolidation

• With regional customer bases and relationships that can be leveraged into national or international distribution